Becoming a Member of the Graduate School URBANgrad: Application Process

1. Application

Your written application should include:

  • Agreement of a professor from TU Darmstadt’s urban research centre upon your PhD project Link
  • Your Curriculum vitae (in table form)
  • An abstract of your dissertation project (two pages)
  • A brief explanation of choosing the URBANgrad.

2. Submission of a Dissertation Synopsis

On request by the URBANgrad, the applicant is to submit a synopsis of the proposed dissertation stating aims and content, relevance and methodology, and providing a detailed work and time plan. A letter of recommendation from one of the professors from TU Darmstadt’s urban research centre is required.

3. Personal Interview

The URBANgrad invites the applicant for a personal interview. This allows questions raised by the dissertation synopsis to be addressed and a direct impression to be gained of the applicant and his or her commitment. In the event of an affirmative decision, URBANgrad will forward the application to the University department concerned.

The application can be submitted in English at all stages.

You wish to apply for the Graduate School URBANgrad?

Please send the documents listed above by mail or in digital form to the following address:

Prof. Dr. Nina Gribat

Director URBANgrad

L3|01 Campus Lichtwiese

El-Lissitzky-Straße 1

64287 Darmstadt

+49 6151 16-23400