Membership Application


The URBANgrad is primarily an offer for Ph.D. candidates, who pursue their dissertation in urban research at the TU Darmstadt or in the context of a collaboration in which the TU Darmstadt participates. In exceptional cases, Ph.D. candidates with other institutional affiliations may also be admitted. Necessary components for a formal admission include a written agreement of supervision by a professor at the TU Darmstadt, the willingness to engage actively at URBANgrad and a successful membership application.

At the moment, the URBANgrad does not offer financial supports such as scholarships, but it offers help for scholarship applications elsewhere.

The application process for an URBANgrad membership runs as follows:

1. Written Application

The following documents must be submitted:

• A cover letter with a brief rationale of why URBANgrad was chosen

• A CV

• An outline of the dissertation research (approx.. two pages)

• A letter of a professor at TU Darmstadt indicating the agreement of supervision

2. Personal Interview

Upon invitation by URBANgrad, the applicant will be interviewed to further clarify questions related to the dissertation proposal and the intended engagement at URBANgrad.

The application may be in English or German.

Would you like to apply?

Please send the required documents electronically to:

Technische Universität Darmstadt

Prof. Dr. Nina Gribat

Director URBANgrad