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Malve Jacobsen

Malve holds a B.A. in Area Studies Asia/Africa and Human Geography (2011, HU Berlin) and a M.A. in Human Geography/Urban Studies (2014, HU Berlin). She has gained experiences in different research institutes (Leibniz-Institute for Regional Development and Structural Planning, Department of Transport Geography at HU Berlin, and Department of African Studies at HU Berlin). From a postcolonial perspective, she wrote her M.A. thesis on (in-)formal structures of Johannesburg’s waste and recycling system. Malve is interested in questions of social, cultural, and economic geography and has a regional focus on Eastern and Southern Africa.

PhD project

Within the framework of her dissertation, Malve investigates the global making and circulation of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), and explores planning and implementation processes of Dar es Salaam’s BRT project. Using ethnographic approaches, she conducts this research in fields of Critical Policy Mobility Studies, Postcolonial Studies, and Science and Technology Studies.


Die Wohnsituation von ALG II Empfänger_innen in Berlin. Prozesse wenn der Umzug naht. (with Nelly Grotefendt, Tanja Kohlsdorf & Lina Wegener) In: Helbrecht, I. (ed.): Gentrifizierung in Berlin. Verdrängungsprozesse und Bleibestrategien. Bielefeld: transcript, 185-213.
2015 Schnellbusse auf der Überholspur. Dar es Salaam Rapid Transit als Wegbereiter nachhaltiger urbaner Mobilität?. In: RaumPlanung (182/6-2015) & TRIALOG (120/121-2/2015), 66-73.
2013–2014 Collectors between Formality and Informality (Johannesburg) & Bottle Collectors in Public Urban Space (Berlin). Blog on The (in)formal city. (with Tebogo Ramatlo)
2010 „Wir wollen den Besten für Tansania“. Deutsche Welle, Afrika.ür-tansania/a-6161388.

Vorträge und Konferenzen

2016 Assembling Bus Rapid Transit: Planning Controversies of the Material and Operational
(4S/EAAST Conference: Science and Technology by Other Means, Barcelona)
2016 Approaching the Objects Themselves: Methodological Theorisations of Global BRT Models
(Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers, San Francisco)

Malve is working on her PhD project at the Graduate School UrbanGrad (TU Darmstadt) and the Department of Human Geography (Frankfurt University) under the supervision of Prof. Marc Boeckler, funded by Hans-Böckler foundation.


Malve Jacobsen

Institut für Humangeographie

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