Xiufeng Zhang CV -

Xiufeng Zhang

Xiufeng Zhang is a doctorate at the Institute for Sociology. He has been apart of the URBANgrad program since 2011. Before coming to Darmstadt, he received his bachelor and master degrees in sociology from Shanghai University, China. His study focuses on the urbanism of cities from an urban anthropological perspective and he is interested in interdisciplinary urban studies on sport, space and community development.

PhD Project

City in Tides: An Ethnographic Study on the Urbanism of Shanghai and its Intrinsic Logic

This research has investigated Shanghai’s urbanism, separately in the aspects of physical structure, social organization and collective culture, through fieldwork in a downtown urban area. The study discusses the formation of local urbanism through the approach of “Eigenlogik der Städte” (intrinsic logic of cities).

University Studies and Degrees

Since 10/2010 PhD in Sociology, Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany
09/2005-07/2008 Master in Sociology, Shanghai University, China
09/2001-07/2005 Bachelor in Sociology, Shanghai University, China

Scholarships and Awards

2012-2015 Book Publishing Grant, ChangCe Foundation
2014 Scholarship to Dissertation, DAAD/TU Darmstadt
2010-2014 Scholarship for Doctoral Study, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung
2012 Excellent Paper, Annual Awards in Philosophy and Social Science, Shanghai Social Sciences Association, with Prof. Xiaocong Lu PhD. and Zuyao Cao PhD.
2008-2009 German Program Scholarship, China Scholarship Council


  • (forthcoming) Transitional China in the 21st century: A glance of the new developments in industrialization, urbanization and globalization, 2016, Bookboon (contracted), co-author.
  • Democratic Election and the Mobilization of Social Capital in Urban Society (in Chinese), 2013, in Collected Essays on the Multi-cultural Development in Taiwan: p131-149.
  • Cosmopolitanism and the Validity of Intercultural Language Communication, 2012, in Tour of the Culture: p36-47, edited by J.T. Ren, Thailand: The Confucius Press at Mae Fah Luang University.
  • Construction on Visual Fields of Sports Sociology Research (in Chinese), with Xiaocong Lu and Zuyao Cao, 2010, in China Sport Science, Vol. 30(11): p9-16.
  • The Change of Chinese Sports System and Its Social Functions (in Chinese), with Xiaocong Lu, 2007, in Shanghai University Annual of Study on Sport: p260-272.
  • Leisure and Rebuilding of Life-World: Survey on Current Condition of Urban Leisure in Shanghai (in Chinese), with Xiaocong Lu, 2006, in China Sport Science, Vol.26: p13-21.
  • The Conflict of Transactional Order: A Sociological Analysis of Market Failure in Chinese Football Market (in Chinese), 2005, in Shanghai University Annual of Study on Sport: p117-131. (This paper was collected in the “Paper Collection” by the University Service Centre for China Study, CUHK, Hong Kong.)

Talks and Conferences

  • City in Tides: An Ethnographic Study on the Urbanism of Shanghai and its Intrinsic Logic, 2014, at the IN-EAST School of Advanced Studies, University of Duisburg-Essen
  • Local Leisure Activities and the Intrinsic Logic of Shanghai, 2014, at China-Germany Workshop “Sport and Urban Development”, Institute for Sport Science, Darmstadt
  • Sport and Ecological Development in Cities, 2012, at Workshop for Green City and Architecture, Institute for Geography, University of Heidelberg
  • Sophisticated Shanghai: Urbanity of the Re-globalizing City, 2012, at Graduate Student Workshop “Asian Postmodernities and their Legacies”, University of Zurich, Zurich
  • Community Schools as Means to Everyday Life for the Retired in Shanghai, 2011, at Annual Workshop of the Project Group “New Urban Imaginaries of the Public in Asia and Europe”, University of Heidelberg, Goethe-Institute Shanghai


  • 2014-, Committee Member, China-Germany Academic Association for Green City
  • 2012-, Vice-president, Chinese Society for Sport Science in Germany (CGS)
  • 2012-, Membership of German Society of Asian Studies (DGA)