Dr. Markus Kip

Dr. Markus Kip

Solidarity has been a main concern in Markus's research projects addressing a wide array of topics ranging from undocumented migration, labour unions, commons, homelessness and post-socialist cities. In his sociological dissertation, completed in 2016 at York University in Toronto, he focused on the contested practices of solidarity with undocumented migrant workers in German trade unions. As a co-founder of the Urban Research Group at the Georg-Simmel-Centre (Humboldt University, Berlin), Markus concentrated on the study of urban commons. Between 2010 and 2014, Markus collaborated with Douglas Young and Lisa Drummond on the project “Socialist Cities in the 21st century: Modernist legacies and contemporary urban policy-making” that was funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. He learned one of his favourite urban research methods, urban walks and psychogeography as a member of the Open Urban Institute (OUI) in Frankfurt. He is also proud to have been an organizer of day laborers and can-and-bottle collectors (“canners”) with the homeless-led organization “Picture The Homeless” from 2004 to 2006.

University Studies and Degrees

2016 PhD (Sociology), York University, Toronto
2010 – 2011 Exchange scholar at the Institute of Human Geography, Goethe University, Frankfurt
2004 MA (Sociology), New School for Social Research, New York City
2002 Vordiplom (Social Sciences), Humboldt University, Berlin
1999 – 2000 Studies in theology, Universidad Centroamericana (UCA), San Salvador, El Salvador
1999 B.A. in philosophy, Munich School of Philosophy

Selected publications

Edited collections

  • Kip, Markus and Wladimir Sgibnev, eds., 2014 / 2015. Special Issue “Modernism and the (Post) Socialist City.” Europa Regional 22 (1-2).
  • Dellenbaugh, Mary, Markus Kip, Majken Bieniok, Agnes Müller and Martin Schwegmann, eds., 2015. Urban Commons. Moving Beyond State and Market. Bauwelt Fundamente No. 154. Basel: Birkhäuser / De Gruyter.
  • Kip, Markus, Alan Bourke and Tia Dafnos, eds., 2011. Lumpencity. Discourses of Marginality – Marginalizing Discourses. Ottawa: Red Quill Books.

Journal articles

  • Kip, Markus, and Wladimir Sgibnev. 2015. “Modernism and the (Post-)Socialist City.” Europa Regional 22 (1-2): 3-12.
  • Kip, Markus, Douglas Young and Lisa Drummond. 2015. “Socialist Modernism at Alexanderplatz.” Europa Regional 22 (1-2): 13-26.
  • Cyrus, Norbert and Markus Kip. 2015. Arbeitsrechte mobilisieren ohne Aufenthaltsstatus. Von faktischer Rechtlosigkeit zur Veränderung geltenden Rechts? / Mobilisation of labour law rights without residence status. From a factual lack of rights to a change in established law? Industrielle Beziehungen / The German Journal on Industrial Relations 22 (1): 33-50. (peer-reviewed).

Book sections

  • Kip, Markus. 2016. “Keyword: Solidarity.” In Keywords for Radicals, edited by Kelly Fritsch, Clare O'Connor and AK Thompson. Oakland: AK Press
  • Kip, Markus. 2015. “Moving Beyond the City. Conceptualizing Urban Commons from a Critical Urban Studies Perspective.” In Urban Commons. Moving Beyond State and Market, edited by Mary Dellenbaugh, Markus Kip, Majken Bieniok, Agnes Müller und Martin Schwegmann. Bauwelt Fundamente No. 154, 42-59. Basel: Birkhäuser / De Gruyter.
  • Kip, Markus. 2011. “Making Sense of Failure. Why German trade unions did not mobilize against the Hartz IV reforms: Partisan Research in Frankfurt, Germany.” In Lumpencity: Discourses of Marginality – Marginalizing Discourses, edited by Alan Bourke, Tia Dafnos, and Markus Kip, 249-283. Ottawa: Red Quill Books.


Markus Kip


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