Grants and Courses



In the period between December 2014 and July 2019, the mobility of PhD students will be supported by means of the following:

  • active participation in international conferences, workshops and summer schools (through presentation of a paper or the organisation of a panel)
  • field studies or collaboration with international academic institutions of one to three months
  • participation in the Joint Research Hub at Université Pierre-Mèndes-France in Grenoble (UMPF) with presentations of their PhD projects by the participating students
  • a one-month research stay at the TU Darmstadt by a PhD student from one of the partner universities or at a partner university by a PhD student from TU Darmstadt
  • three one-month research stays at TU Darmstadt by PhD students from another foreign university.

For information on the allowances for international travel, please check the DAAD form.

travel allowance, accommodation allowance


  • Proposal Writing – How to prepare a PhD project, conception of a dissertation, refining the research objectives and methods, formulating a research question, writing the PhD application to the Faculty of Architecture or an external scholarship institution, etc.
  • Research Methods in Architecture and Urban Studies
  • Academic Writing for international journals in architecture and urban studies
  • Conducting a doctoral research project in architecture – experiences from abroad
  • Intercultural Training (Seminar / Coaching)