The committee usually meets in May, August and November. Please see the deadlines under “Dates and Deadlines”. Applications should include the following:

  • the application form, an exposé of the PhD project and a timeline as well as a brief explanation of the relevance of the international conference or research stay for the PhD project (max. 5,000 characters in the case of conference travel; max. 8,000 characters in the case of field research). Please include a brief “state of the art” and present your case in a way that is comprehensible to the IPID4all selection committee application form
  • for conference travel: the conference programme or call for papers, an abstract of the paper and a confirmation of its acceptance by the conference organisers (max. 2,500 characters, English or German)
  • for international field research or visiting research fellowships at an academic institution: briefly outline the research project and situate the planned trip within your current state of research (How does the research trip relate to the work that you have already done and that you plan to do? What is your approach? What kind of insights do you expect? What kind of problems are you likely to confront and how are you going to solve them?). Also include a presentation of your research methods and an outline of the proposed research (planned activities, relevance for the dissertation project; max. 5,000 characters, English or German)
  • also for international field research: a brief statement by the supervising professor or by the international host institution
  • a short CV (max. 5,000 characters).

Please include all these documents in one PDF-file and send it to

Selection Process

The call for applications is open to all subjects and disciplines in urban and architectural research. Successful applicants must demonstrate that the international conference or research travel is expected to contribute to the progress of their PhD research. Funding will be awarded in a competitive and transparent selection process. A committee, including Prof. Ariel Auslender (Department of Plastic Design), Prof. Dr. Annette Rudolph Cleff (Department of Urban Development/ IPID4all), Prof. Dr. Oliver Tessmann (Digital Design Unit), Dr. Maxi Schreiber (Department of Architectural and Art History), and Dr.-Ing. Bjoern Hekmati (IPID4all), is in charge of the selection of successful applications.